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Red Hill Hot Springs: The Best Hidden Secret in Utah!

Red Hill Hot Springs: The Best Hidden Secret in Utah!

Red Hill Hot Springs, also known as Monroe Hot Springs, is certainly one of the best hidden secrets in Utah. If you are visiting Mystic Hot Springs, taking a dip in the nearby Red Hill Hot Springs is a no brainer.

Why? Because it is fun and 100% free, making it for sure one of the best free things to do in Utah!

A few years back Red Hill Hot Springs was a little difficult to visit as the road to access it was a little dicey however, recently some (much needed) renovations were made to the road entering the spring meaning any vehicle can now easily access the springs.

Red Hill Hot Springs: The Best Hidden Secret in Utah!

Red Hill Hot Springs is open year round and is totally free but our favorite time to visit is in fall or winter when the weather is a little chillier.

One of the best things to do at the springs is relax and take in views of the Sevier Valley as you watch the world go by. It is a very relaxing place to visit.

It is a 100% natural spring whose water falls down the face of a red rock. The closer you go to the top of the rock the hotter the water of the spring is. There are several pools at the bottom of the hill that you can bathe in. The further you go down the hill, the cooler the pools of water become.

There are 3 small pools at the bottom of the springs which range in temperature from a hot tub to a Luke warm tub.

Where is it located?

You can find this Utah hot springs in the small town of Monroe, Utah, at the bottom of a red hill.

To reach the springs, make an east turn at 300 North from Main Street (UT-118). Follow this for around 1 mile to reach the Red Hill Hot Springs. The approximate GPS location of Red Hill springs is 38.638510, -112.101023. They are on an un-named road in Monroe.

While the last 0.5 miles used to be particularly challenging without a 4WD, now the upgraded roads make it accessible to all vehicles.

Monroe, Utah

Monroe, Utah/ Flickr


What should we wear to visit the spring? Wear a bathing suit as you will want to likely have a dip. We would advise wearing an older swimming costume as the red mud tends to stain clothes.

How much does it cost to access the springs? It is free to access.

What are the opening times of the springs? The springs are open 24 hours a day. We would suggest visiting within daylight hours for safety as the spring is unstaffed.

Is it family friendly? Yes, it is very popular with families and lots of families visit it every day. You will need to keep an eye on small children towards the top of the springs as the water is exceptionally hot and will burn them.

Red hill hot springs

Red hill hot springs/ Facebook

Who runs the springs? The community of Monroe keeps the spring in beautiful condition. They spring is able to be kept free and unstaffed by everyone who visits acting maturely and cleaning up after themselves.

This means please clean-up any rubbish and pick up after yourself tp keep the spring clean and free for generations to come. Not everyone is respectful and some people leave their trash at the springs. Please do not be these people and take care of the springs.

Is there parking available at the springs? Yes, there is a small free parking area available.

Are there facilities like toilets available? There are no flush toilets at the springs but a pit toilet is available at the parking area. Please don’t do your business in the springs.

Are dogs allowed at the springs? Yes, currently dogs are allowed on a leash in the area.

How big are the springs? It is a small area and can only comfortably handle a small amount of people. We would avoid visiting on a weekend or public holiday if you can help it as the area will be crowded and it won’t be a pleasant experience. If possible, morning visits during the week are the most relaxing.

Are they are rules? Please pick up after yourself and don’t take glass into the area.